Oh God what happened to my Nose-Post Traumatic nasal deformity can be devastating

Out of all the facial features the nose out stand and so as Nasal deformities.Some people are born with bad nose some have a deformed nose after a trivial trauma in Childhood but those who had a g…

Source: Oh God what happened to my Nose-Post Traumatic nasal deformity can be devastating


Revision Rhinoplasty

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Failed Rhinoplasty &Revision surgery
Failed Rhinoplasty can be devastating and can have sever emotional impact Rather than gaining a long-awaited nasal enhancement, the patient is left with a disappointing and unfamiliar facial appearance. The resulting impact upon self-confidence can vary, but for some, embarrassment, lack of self esteem and depression can affect nearly every facet of life.
Although the causes of a failed Rhinoplasty are many, including non-compliance on behalf of the patient, not following post operative instruction or do not come for follow-up appointment ..
Use of artificial material like Silicone – the initial operation is simple as it requires just insertion of an implant results can be done in half an hour’s time as day surgery ,Immediate results are very good a happy patient but in most cases it leads to sever complications later which can happen months or even years after the operation.
Post operative complications like…

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