Crooked Nose Correction – Externally deformed nose with breathing problem

Better Rhinoplasty

Be  watchful  before you  select your surgeon

Crooked nose functional Crooked nose requires both internal and external correction

A two team approach is the perfect recipe for disaster

In India it is a very common practice for one surgeon to perform the external correction and another to do the septum work. In many cases the 2nd surgeon is a ‘ghost surgeon’, he comes in to the operating theatre at the time of surgery and never sees the patient after that, patients are made to believe that since two doctors are involved they will get best of both worlds when in fact the reality is just the opposite.

When I met world famous Rhinoplasty surgeon Prof Gubisch from Germany in Iran he said

“Only a surgeon who can do complete septal correction should be allowed to do Rhinoplasty”

Correction of a crooked nose is one of the more difficult and challenging aspects of Rhinoplasty…

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Rhinoplasty workshop at Akash Hospital Indore

This was the 20th Workshop for training of Doctors in art and  science of Rhinoplasty  or commonly called as Nose plastic surgery .ENT/Plastic/Maxillofacial surgeons from all over India and abroad cam to Indore for this unique experience. The delegates were trained by lectures/video presentation and Live surgery demonstration of  Rhinoplasty opreations.The faculty for the workshop were prof Ignazio  Taska from Italy .Prof.Migul from Portugal,prof.Brajendra Baser,Dev Roy &Dr.Prahalad from India.

The 3 day academic feast was enjoyed by all Doctors. It was a good time for patients as well as they got their treatment at nominal cost


Rhinoplasty at Discounted rates -Rhinoplasty workshop April 7-9th 2017

Good opportunity for those who want Rhinoplasty at discounted rates -Our Annual Rhinoplasty workshop will be held from 7th  to 9th April at Akash Hospital ,Indore

,8 selected cases will be operated in the workshop ,No surgeons fee only Hospital charges .Send your photos for consideration to Dr.Pragati Shubha at or consult personally between 5 to 7 P.M on working days at Akash Hospital ,Rajendra Dharkar Marg ,Bicholi Mardana Opposite Agrawal public school