Story of a patient 5 years after Rhinoplasty

“No regrets”-It was the best decision of my life.

Nikhitha P USA


Brajendra Baser, MS, DNB, FRCS(Ed), Indore

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“No Regrets”-It Was the Best Decision of my Life.
25 Sep 2018

The decision of changing the shape of the nose is very critical and I am truly happy with the result.If you are considering getting a rhinoplasty, go see Dr.BASER. He knows how to enhance your features and create the look you want,Achieving great results.Dr.BASER was very patient,calm with my silly questions and expectations I had as it was first time for me. A special mention of Dr. SUDEEP MADISETTI who became my best friend since then motivating me in all aspects of my life and it’s through him I got a chance to meet Dr.BASER such wonderful souls both of them.I felt like I was in good hands throughout the whole journey. All staff members are highly cooperative,very professional,clean and friendly environment,home made food from the hospital was yumm!

A 22 years old girl with many dreams travelled from Andhra Pradesh to Madhya Pradesh to get Nose Job done and every effort and hardwork paid off with a ‘SINGLE DECISION’ I made 5 years ago and ‘RIGHT PEOPLE’ to make it possible…….’NATURALLY’:)

PS: Please do not go for artificial implants which are a bit cheaper and quick in the process,but they may create infections and if they become non compatible with our body,they may need to be removed which is a waste of our time,effort and money.So I highly recommend to go with a natural way where our body material is used for the surgery which is 100% safe.


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