Low cost Rhinoplasty

Every day I get so many messages and emails inquiring about cost of Rhinoplasty .Rhinoplasty is not a commodity and no two noses are same .The cost varies with the complexity of individual case .

Rhinoplasty is 2 -3 hours of operation complex cases may take more time ,it requires general aesthesia and 2-3 days of hospital all these add to cost.

Every hospital has different class of patient the economy category (general ward),Private ward and deluxe ward where cost moves up

Cost also depends on which city the operation is planned like we operate in Mumbai, Bangalore and Indore  so it is just not possible to give a exact price quote like a commodity price, also you may by a camera or mobile from the cheapest vendor but surgeons experience and qualification means a lot so the cheapest may not be the best option. The average cost of Rhinoplasty in Mumbai may vary from 1 to 3 lakh Rs in a private room ,Government  taxes are extra  while the cost of Rhinoplasty is much less in Indore where we have our own hospital .

Good news for Bargain Hunters we are giving a special discount package for our Annual Rhinoplasty course 6-8th April ,2018  where doctors come from all over the world to learn about Rhinoplasty surgical technique. All cases are operated by national and International experts Renowned names in field of Rhinoplasty and the good news is we offer a hefty discount for operations in this workshop. So if you are on budget and  looking for an opportunity for Low cost Rhinoplasty by renowned expert Rhinoplasty surgeons this is the time.

We can  not operate unlimited numbers in these 3 days so number will be restricted to 8 patients selected by experts. so get in touch with us



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