Low cost Rhinoplasty

Every day I get so many messages and emails inquiring about cost of Rhinoplasty .Rhinoplasty is not a commodity and no two noses are same .The cost varies with the complexity of individual case .

Rhinoplasty is 2 -3 hours of operation complex cases may take more time ,it requires general aesthesia and 2-3 days of hospital all these add to cost.

Every hospital has different class of patient the economy category (general ward),Private ward and deluxe ward where cost moves up

Cost also depends on which city the operation is planned like we operate in Mumbai, Bangalore and Indore  so it is just not possible to give a exact price quote like a commodity price, also you may by a camera or mobile from the cheapest vendor but surgeons experience and qualification means a lot so the cheapest may not be the best option. The average cost of Rhinoplasty in Mumbai may vary from 1 to 3 lakh Rs in a private room ,Government  taxes are extra  while the cost of Rhinoplasty is much less in Indore where we have our own hospital .

Good news for Bargain Hunters we are giving a special discount package for our Annual Rhinoplasty course 6-8th April ,2018  where doctors come from all over the world to learn about Rhinoplasty surgical technique. All cases are operated by national and International experts Renowned names in field of Rhinoplasty and the good news is we offer a hefty discount for operations in this workshop. So if you are on budget and  looking for an opportunity for Low cost Rhinoplasty by renowned expert Rhinoplasty surgeons this is the time.

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Oh God what happened to my Nose-Post Traumatic nasal deformity can be devastating

Picture1Out of all the facial features the nose out stand and so as Nasal deformities.Some people are born with bad nose some have a deformed nose after a trivial trauma in Childhood  but those who had a good looking face and nose ,when they get a unexpected nasal disfigurement it is sever Psychological Shock.

At the time of initial trauma bleeding, head injury and other life threatening conditions have priority ,Nose is not very important at that time usually managed by Junior on call doctors or not so experienced doctors, after the initial period these otherwise normal persons when they see themselves in mirror they have severe psychological disturbances.When all the wounds heal the Nasal disfigurement remains and affects the over all personality,many times functional problems such as Nasal blockage and sinusitis which the patient never experienced can appear.This man with a post traumatic nasal deformity covers his face whenever goes out of house.

Case 1-One soft ware engineer had a accident head injury facial trauma was hospitalized for several days recovered from head injury ,the nasal fracture was reduced ,after the healing completed ,he had a sever saddle nose deformity hated himself for the disfigured face , left job and confined himself inside house,

Case -2 A house wife survived in a major Car accident lost a closed family member  ,primary care was given at the site and moved to a large hospital several days of hospitalization ,attempted Fracture nasal bone reduction  but left with a ugly depressed nose. She adopted a deep silence and stopped talking to any one except the bare minimum .Otherwise a beautiful  lady disfigured nose after accident seeing a psychiatrist and taking anti depressant

Case 3-A factory worker injured his nose on work deep cut and multiple fracture ,sever bleeding ,fracture reduction with repair of lacerated wound done but left with a sever depressed crooked nose with nasal obstruction

Case 4- A young man had a sever facial trauma with scared forehead and totally collapsed nose-He was ridiculed by his friends and family even his wife used to pass nasty comments ,He was considered as unlucky man by the villagers so much that he considered committing suicide but stopped short because of young children.A  gave him his life back

Nasal reconstruction

Secondary Rhinoplasty in these cases have limitation ,a thorough counselling is required and they should understand they may not achieve the pre injury nose, the scars may be less visible but they cannot disappear

Steps of surgery-

1)Exposure-Even if there is a scar on dorsum try to expose the nasal frame work through a External Rhinoplasty Exposure

2)Open up the septum and assess the abity of the septum to support the nose,partly damaged septum can be restrenthen  if there are multiple fractures it is important to  build a nasal frame work which is strong and stable,the pieces of septal cartilage/Ethmoid/vomer are very useful graft material and can be used to built up the entire nose,a rib cartilage provides a strong and stable foundation and is used a invisible graft for making the nasal frame work

3)Septal perforation can be repaired at this stage

4)A floating columellar strut gives mobility to tip as well improves tip projection

5)Dorsum Augmentation-can be done by cartilage/diced cartilage/facia-A scarred skin can be expanded only up to a limit resit the temptation to achieve the perfect nose.You can augment only as much the skin permit avoid using dorsal rib cartilage grafts they very often curls and give a crooked appearance to the dorsum

6)Facial blanket below the skin-Temporalis fascia/Fascia Lata used underlying a severely scarred and damaged skin helps in giving a smooth contour ,masks graft outline which might be visible several months after the initial surgery

7)Scar Revision -If required should be done in the end

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Most of these patients are very grateful if we can bring them even close to their appearance before the accident.One of the most exciting moment of my life when the Husband of one of my patient called me in late evenning ,saying doc thanks After many months I saw a smile on my wifes face.Thanks for giving back her real life

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Binder’s Syndrome Nose deformity-Rhinoplasty

Originally posted on Better Rhinoplasty:
Rhinoplasty in Naso Maxillary Hypoplasia or Binders syndrome – It is an uncommon condition and although we are a tertiary referral centre we get quite a few cases of Binders syndrome. It is a  congenital disease affecting the face. Also called Nasomaxillary hypoplasia or maxilla-facial dysplasia, the condition results in…

Hump Nose/Large nose

Hump Nose /Big Nose
A straight nose is the most preferred choice sometime a small(or large) bump in mid dorsum Makes it looks like a hump


The nasal dorsum connects the tip of the nose to the face; commonly refer to it as the “bridge”. When there is a hump in the upper region, it is probably made up of bone, while in the lower area; it will more likely consist of cartilage. Often, though, the hump will be a combination of cartilage and excess bone.
Although trauma sustained during the birthing experience as well as injury to the nose later in life are common causes for the dorsal hump, the main contributing factor is genetics.
It can be only a visible dorsal prominent (Only aesthetic) or associated with deviated nasal septum with breathing problem, Which is usually misdirected growth of the Nasal septum ,pushing the Nsal bones out appearing as hump
Nasal hump surgery – The dorsum carefully evaluated. Most dorsal humps consist primarily of cartilage with a bony component. Hump excision can be performed using various techniques. Rasping alone can be used to address small bony humps. Larger dorsal humps are usually excised a osteotome.
Recently Ultrasonic waves (Piezo surgery) has been introduced for Bony hump reduction and removing bony irregularities, ultrasonic waves offers a great precision in removing hump and have revolutionised the Rhinoplasty surgery .
After Hump removal the dorsum becomes wide and it is narrowed by osteotomies, and the mid vault is reconstructed by using spreader grafts or flap to avoid the inverted ‘v ‘deformity
A new concept is emerging preservation of dorsum technique where a piece of septal cartilage pushing the dorsum is removed from inside the nose and the hump is reduced by pushing it back ,thus preserving the natural dorsum ,some surgeons like to reconstruct back the mid vault after hump removal

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