Oh God what happened to my Nose-Post Traumatic nasal deformity can be devastating

Picture1Out of all the facial features the nose out stand and so as Nasal deformities.Some people are born with bad nose some have a deformed nose after a trivial trauma in Childhood  but those who had a good looking face and nose ,when they get a unexpected nasal disfigurement it is sever Psychological Shock.

At the time of initial trauma bleeding, head injury and other life threatening conditions have priority ,Nose is not very important at that time usually managed by Junior on call doctors or not so experienced doctors, after the initial period these otherwise normal persons when they see themselves in mirror they have severe psychological disturbances.When all the wounds heal the Nasal disfigurement remains and affects the over all personality,many times functional problems such as Nasal blockage and sinusitis which the patient never experienced can appear.This man with a post traumatic nasal deformity covers his face whenever goes out of house.

Case 1-One soft ware engineer had a accident head injury facial trauma was hospitalized for several days recovered from head injury ,the nasal fracture was reduced ,after the healing completed ,he had a sever saddle nose deformity hated himself for the disfigured face , left job and confined himself inside house,

Case -2 A house wife survived in a major Car accident lost a closed family member  ,primary care was given at the site and moved to a large hospital several days of hospitalization ,attempted Fracture nasal bone reduction  but left with a ugly depressed nose. She adopted a deep silence and stopped talking to any one except the bare minimum .Otherwise a beautiful  lady disfigured nose after accident seeing a psychiatrist and taking anti depressant

Case 3-A factory worker injured his nose on work deep cut and multiple fracture ,sever bleeding ,fracture reduction with repair of lacerated wound done but left with a sever depressed crooked nose with nasal obstruction

Case 4- A young man had a sever facial trauma with scared forehead and totally collapsed nose-He was ridiculed by his friends and family even his wife used to pass nasty comments ,He was considered as unlucky man by the villagers so much that he considered committing suicide but stopped short because of young children.A  gave him his life back

Nasal reconstruction

Secondary Rhinoplasty in these cases have limitation ,a thorough counselling is required and they should understand they may not achieve the pre injury nose, the scars may be less visible but they cannot disappear

Steps of surgery-

1)Exposure-Even if there is a scar on dorsum try to expose the nasal frame work through a External Rhinoplasty Exposure

2)Open up the septum and assess the abity of the septum to support the nose,partly damaged septum can be restrenthen  if there are multiple fractures it is important to  build a nasal frame work which is strong and stable,the pieces of septal cartilage/Ethmoid/vomer are very useful graft material and can be used to built up the entire nose,a rib cartilage provides a strong and stable foundation and is used a invisible graft for making the nasal frame work

3)Septal perforation can be repaired at this stage

4)A floating columellar strut gives mobility to tip as well improves tip projection

5)Dorsum Augmentation-can be done by cartilage/diced cartilage/facia-A scarred skin can be expanded only up to a limit resit the temptation to achieve the perfect nose.You can augment only as much the skin permit avoid using dorsal rib cartilage grafts they very often curls and give a crooked appearance to the dorsum

6)Facial blanket below the skin-Temporalis fascia/Fascia Lata used underlying a severely scarred and damaged skin helps in giving a smooth contour ,masks graft outline which might be visible several months after the initial surgery

7)Scar Revision -If required should be done in the end

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Most of these patients are very grateful if we can bring them even close to their appearance before the accident.One of the most exciting moment of my life when the Husband of one of my patient called me in late evenning ,saying doc thanks After many months I saw a smile on my wifes face.Thanks for giving back her real life

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What are the different types of rhinoplasty surgery?


This question previously had details. They are now in a comment.
Rhinoplasty is operation to correct the aesthetic and functional features of the nose,
for understanding the Types of Rhinoplasty you need to understand the deformities ,No two noses are similar and so as the treatment . It is a Unique operation which need to be customised in every patient .
The approaches for Rhinoplasty can be Closed approach or Open approach where a small incision is taken on the columella ,which is not usually conspicuous after healing .But mind it these are only approaches not the type of surgery
The different types of Rhinoplasty performed are Augmentation Rhinoplasty for a depressed nose which can be mild to sever,
2nd variety is Crocked nose correction -The nose is not straight and along with the external appearance the nasal septum too needs to be corrected to achive a satisfactory result .This is the most common type of Rhinoplasty ,
3rd variety is Hump reduction which can be a small bulge on Nasal dorsum or a large prominent nose ,this may be called as Reduction Rhinoplasty
4th variety is correction of nasal base this includes Nasal tip surgery like correction of wide and amorphous tip ,Bifid tip ,Pinachio nose,Over projecting tip ,under projecting tip ,deviated nasal tip ,-this is called as Nasl Tip Rhinoplasty
wide flaring Ala are also a common cause of dissatisfaction in many patients-
5th variety is congenital deformities like Cleft lip nose deformity ,Naso maxillary hypoplasia ( Binders syndrome) ,Congenital craniofacial anomalies each require special attention like Cleft lip nose Rhinoplasty ,Binder syndrome nose deformity correction

Cost Of Rhinoplasty in India

Dr.Baser's Better Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty cost varies significantly depending on surgeon’s qualifications and experience in Rhinoplasty.
It requires 2 to 3 days hospitalization, may involve taking cartilage graft from your Ear cartilage or Rib cartilage ,and deal with your breathing problems as well.

Rhinoplasty  operation is a complex skilled procedure and it takes time. Average time is 2 to 3 hours of operation theatre so there is Hospital cost as well in a large corporate Hospital the cost of Rhinoplasty by Rhinoplasty specialist varies from 1.25 to 3 .0 lakhs ,depending on complexity of case corporate  hospitals have a system in which the operation package  depends on the  category you choose, general ward are cheaper ,and private or deluxe are more expensive. Revision Rhinoplasty  is more complex and it costs much more.

For an average Indian the cost might sound high but it is significantly less than many western countries.
In smaller cities and…

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